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Baklava reviews: positive

 In response to Aline’s question: working with 19 kids for 7 hours a day is exhausting. Something is always going on that you have to be aware of, and it’s difficult to keep up with the kids (in carpool today, when I asked Barit if she was as tired as I was, she announced: I only get tired after I run around my house 100 times!) who are always going. I guess it’s good to have at least two teachers in the classroom at once, so one of them can have an off-day and the other can be the more aware of the two.

Tuesday's Festivities

Sunshine at Arbor...

  ...means a day outside. We ate outside, we played outside, and we rehearsed for the Greek play outside. The main attraction was the sandbox: the boys dug huge crevasse and then filled them with water to make rivers and lakes. It’s a good thing parents pack an extra change of clothes, because everyone was soaked as well as dirty. The invisible rug has been converted into an indoor sandbox.