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Riddle me this...

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 While exporting and uploading my Cinco de Mayo edit to the web, I came across something very interesting. If I simply export the movie as quicktime directly from final cut, it comes out to be 190 megabites, and is pretty bad quality. However, James taught me how to export it in HD (720p), which looks 100x better, and somehow is only 15 megabites... I couldnt understand how something that was of such high quality could be compressed into such a small package; James tried to explain it to me, but I had never heard of half the words he said. Oh well.

Sockeye Creative

My first few days at Sockeye have been a lot of fun. Earlier this week we went on a location scout in Wilsonville at the Hollywood Video corporate offices. Because their company went bankrupt, the offices are pretty much a ghost town and its the perfect location for their "Corporate Wellness" video (a short viral comedy piece filmed in the same style as "The Office")


Friday, 11 AM

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I start my project tomorrow at Sockeye Creative. We are moving the entire editing suite from their current building in Union Station into their new space, so there will be a lot of work to be done. Im super excited about begining my project there, it looks like they have a lot of great stuff in store for me.