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Cecilia, Idaho

Today I went on a 9 am flight with Kelly and her student, Aaron. We flew in the king air which is multi-engine plane that is very similar to the plane I flew on Thursday. We traveled to Cecilia, Idaho. The weather that day was drizzly, but Idaho was nice and sunny. The plane flew high above the clouds and I got some nice cloud shots. Kelly flew to Idaho and then Aaron took us back to Hillsboro. It was a very nice and relaxing flight. I spent most of the time listening to the commands over the headset and taking pictures. After my flight Roberto visited and met with Ryan.

Two Days, Two Flights


A Barbecue that wasn't a Barbecue


More PCS Aftermath

Today I continued with my data entry. Wayne couldn't stop thanking me after I had finished. He told me it would really help later when they need to contact the people that had registered. Even though I was working at a computer I felt happy that I was helping assist someone in their dreams of flying. Well, I might not be directly helping, but I am assisting in the long run. I also want to take a moment to thank Catlin for my fast typing skills without it I would be lost. After that job I worked with Amy. Do you remember her? She also works in the school.

Pilot Career Seminar

Today Hillsboro Aviation had their Pilot Career Seminar (PCS) . They had a bunch of advertisements on Facebook, the web and commercials promoting Saturday. It was a big turnout. I would say that over two hundred people came. It was not only adults that showed up, but small children and teens. It was really great to see so many people interested in aviation. I helped with set up and clean up. I worked the registration table and told people about the raffle for free demo flights in fixed wing (airplane) and rotor wing (helicopter).