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Final Post- Boca Visit

So the day that Emerging Markets has been preparing for, for the past two weeks is finally upon us. The Boca Juniors soccer (read fútbal) team has arrived and in about an hour they will be practicing on Nike's very own Bo Jackson field. I will be heading down with one of my co-workers (Rivah) and doing raffle ticket stuff, the winner of the raffle gets tickets to the Boca Juniors v. Timbers game, I belive. I really lucked out being here for the entire proces.

World Cup Heatin' Up

So people at Nike are getting more and more jazzed for the World Cup, so my focus is now completely on that. Nike, and more sepcifcally: everyone in Nike marketing, is so wholly dedicated to appealing to the consumer that they don't really keep up with World Cup news, but that's where I come in. It would've made more sense for me to write this in my first blog, but a major part of my job is forwarding headlines and breaking news to the employees in the Emerging Markets office. I siphon through articles and magazines and let my coworkers know if something big is going down.


So I just realized that I hadn't made two of my posts viewable by the public. My apologies. Anyways, "Write the Future", the campaign I mentiond in my mini-blog/ shameless promotion, was just released and Facebook is going crazy.


Nike's biggest campaign to date, "Write the Future" will be launching on Facebook in T-minus 15 minutes. My team has had a heavy hand in working on this and we are all super pumped for the release. Check it out here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=121116321248681&ref=ts. I'll blog more in a bit, but for now, I'm gonna head to the lounge where we'll all be watching/ celebrating.

Nike's food

There are four things that I love about working here: being surrounded by people who talk sports all day, having an office (who am I kidding? Its a cubicle) decorated with Mercurials (super cool/nice/expensive/light soccer cleat) and posters of athletic legends, the three ply toilet paper that is in every bathroom stall, and this food. It is devine. In the past weeks I've had teriyaki chicken, maccaroni, fresh bagels and even a burger! Lunch is a little weird though.

Ndamukong Suh

Tight... just saw Ndamukong Suh, the former Grant highschool football great, turned Nebraska great, turned NFL first round draft pick. He recently signed a contract with Nike and was probably stopping by to get some exclusive Nike gear. Tomorrow, Tim Tebow will be on campus slinging the pig skin around and answering questions, I'm not a fan, but at this rate I'll be meeting Michael Jordan by next week. I'm hard at work writing up a World Cup rundown previewing inter-player rivalries that the Nike team should look out for come the World Cup kickoff date on June 11th (so pumped).

First REAL Day

So I guess I sorta had day 1 on Friday, but it was more of an orientation. Today I'm actually getting down to it. For those of you reading my blog (whatup Art) my senior project is at Nike with the emerging markets divison. "Emerging markets" is a division assigned to spreading the name "Nike" to various countries in the Latin and Southeast Asian markets. Its an exciting time around here with the world cup just around the corner and it has become part of my job to keep my coworkers in the know about possible marketing oppurtunities within the world cup.

Senior Project

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