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Final Week at Nike

 My final week at Nike I had the remainder of my interviews and started working on my presentation for Nike. I met with Matt Park, the VP of NFL, MLB, and college football and baseball apparel and some engineers who work on creating and testing Nike golf balls. Meeting with Matt was really cool because he’s in charge of so much apparel that I see frequently. While he also, like many other Nike employees, said that Under Armor is the main competitor, he pointed out that Under Armor has a similar plan and foundation to that of Nike’s, which I did not know.

Third Week at Nike

 This past week at Nike I interviewed more Nike employees for my project of trying to figure out where Nike is winning with the youth demographic, where Nike is losing to the competition, and where there is room for Nike to improve. One interview that I found especially interesting was with a man who works for the Jordan line of Nike. He is a design study director, meaning he supports/manages designers and everything around helping designers reach their full potential. I did not realize how large Jordan is.

Second Week at Nike

 I can’t believe my Senior Project is already half over! It has gone by much faster than I was expecting. I interviewed some Nike employees this week about my project (how is Nike doing with the youth demographic, where are they losing to the competition, and where could they be doing better) and heard a vast range of perspectives ranging from a woman who works from Hurley and Nike Skateboard, to a woman who works in Nike Golf Shoe Development, to a business consultant. Everyone was very helpful and gave me different insights on specific aspects of Nike.

First Week at Nike

My first week at Nike has been fascinating and fun. The first two days I attended meetings with my mentor and Senior Director of Human Resources, Genevieve Long, her assistant and HR coordinator, Barbara DeVoll and many other people in Human Resources. These meetings were the quarterly HR meetings and people discussed and presented on topics ranging from how to be a better manager to storytelling.

Leaving for Israel

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