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Spring cleaning

 So yesterday Bob and I were in portland, so for lunch I went out to go visit fellow quality human being Jade Chen. She's working at a graphic design company called "Liquid Design" and jeez why did I not work for a for proffit company. Our office is about three times the size of their elevator and about ten times less nice. They had a really, really cool office actually, and it was fun to get to see Jade. I almost died though 'cause we went out for ramen and it was impossibly spicy. Many manly tears were shed that day. 

A number as a shape

 Remember those factor trees that you spent so much time making in middle or lower school. who would've thought they'd ever be useul? Well useful in a mathematical sense anyway. I started with the idea that you could just factor prime numbers into forever by continuisly factoring out the number and one. In doing so you could create an infinite line coming from a point or as we like to call them, rays. my project hinges on ideas of composite and prime, prime numbers take the form of rays and the composite lines make finite line segements.