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What a day

 Today, I finally finished my inventory. I went through every single scrap of clothing in that room, and in the end it felt so amazing to lock that little room for the last time. I put all the information in a spreadsheet, and now it's all done. I think the thing that I really like about my internship is that literally everything I do at UP is of immediate value to someone who I have either personally met there, or at least know about.

Week 3

My blogs are getting more and more boring, mostly because the stuff I'm doing is really hard to write about and I just don't feel like it any more. That being said, I have to write about it, so here it goes. I've mostly been doing inventory stuff lately, and today I put it into the system. It was relatively mundane, but I've been really tired from rock climbing lately and mountain biking and I'd rather not sit crouched in a tiny little room going through clothing. Did I mention I washed a bus?

Friday Week 2

 I washed a bus today. It took roughly 3 hours of hard scrubbing to get all the nasty grime and dirt off of it, but i was able to constantly mist myself off with the hose. If i wasn't able to mist myself off every now and again I would have needed much more than 3 hours. Oh, and this was after doing a couple hours of inventory in a cramped little room. I'm tired

Thursday, Week 2

 Today was, in the best sense of the word, exhausting. I had to do inventory on Volleyball and Tennis gear. The tennis gear was easy, and only took me about an hour, but the volleyball equipment took roughly 3 hours and I only got about 1/8 of it done. The worst part was that I was cramped in a tight little space on the 2nd floor of the Chile's center, and I was essentially squatting the whole time. That being said, it was tolerable since I had my computer and played music and kind of got into a zone while doing it. I think I'm doing this for the next day or two as well. Sweet

week 2

Monday, yesterday, I left an hour and a half early from work because I had worked saturday this last weekend as well. The day itself was a success, because I had pretty much finished the Trip Database that I had been working on for a while. It sounds boring as hell, but it's cool to know that I helped make something people are going to use for a long time after I'm done with this internship.

3rd day at UP

 Today was awkward, I found out that time goes by really quickly when you get sucked into your project and into your work. Before I knew it, it was 1:00 and I hadn't eaten lunch yet. My mentor went out to lunch with his regular student worker who was in town for a while, and I had to fend for myself. I knew where the cafeteria was, but I had $5 to my name, so that was out of the question. I had 2 Clif bars in my backpack though so I ate those. My backpack consists of my computer (I never use it, I have to work on a PC.