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Final reflections

 So of course I fall asleep at 8 the night I'm supposed to write my final blog post, but hopefully it's not too late to avoid incurring the wrath of the blogging gods. Anyways, the last week was definitely the most fun. I'm just going to recap the entire experience in general: at the beginning my mentor (Kaneko sensei) seemed kind of hesitant to let me work with people and I was relegated to basically helping out around with cleaning and making teaching supplies.

Spencer's 3rd week

 Week 3 has come and gone, and things were pretty uneventful. For the most part nothing much changed, I worked on a bunch more powerpoint slides (I've probably hit around 800/900 by now) and also made some cheat sheets for various vocabulary. I did get a nice little birthday present from Kaneko sensei though, she bought me a really good cream puff and some mocchi ice cream. I don't think she knew this, but mocchi ice cream is like actually my favorite dessert ever, so she chose 100% right.

Spencer's Teaching Adventures: Part 2

So, still working a couple different jobs, and they are all pretty fun, very confusing, and I'm still tired. I actually have homework now too, which is definitely not what I signed up for. I also got to see a child custody dispute case, which was a learning experience as well. Fun week.


Spencer's Japanese Adventures - Part One

 I have begun week two of my venture into the world of Japanese teaching/assisting, and it's been fun, but strenuous. I think everyone thinks my Japanese is way better than it actually is, because they speak super fast to me and while I'm still trying to figure out the first sentence they threw at me, they're looking at me with an expectant look on their face, and waiting for me to answer like 3 questions that I've just been asked. It's been excellent practice, but I'm soooooooooo tired at the end of the day, and I keep talking to my family in Japanese and they think I'm going crazy.

Spencer's first and last homestay blog

Sorry, I would have written this blog post sooner, but I'm lazy and put it off until the last day.