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Last Few Days

Thursday was a pretty active day.  We were planning on going to the Widmer Brewery at aroun 11:00 but they pushed it back to 11:30.  While we waited, Kevin gave me a list of things to promote the Angel Punk franchise and told me to put it in an Excel spreadsheet.  This didn't take very long because it was a really simple task.  After I finished he asked me to send him something over Yousendit.  That didn't take long either.  After that, I watched Devon finish the Relium Media opening for the sizzle video.  While we were working, I got the privalege to pick

Twelve and Thirteen

On Tuesday I showed up a little before nine and relaxed for a while on the couch while Devon and Kevin planned the days' activities.  Devon began tinkering with a few pieces of a rig that they used to use.  He and Kevin bought a GH2 from Ryan who is a photography who works in the same room.  Ryan isn't always in the office and I assume he's out on shoots.  Devon explained to me how the GH2 is better than the Canon 7D and 5D in some ways.  I was surprised by how little the camera was.  Devon was having difficulties putting on the arm for the moniter that would b

Ten and Eleven

On Friday I came in a little before nine.  They didn't have very much for me to do for the first half hour or so.  However, after Jake and Devon assigned me my tasks for the day, I was extremely busy.  Devon told me that there was a meeting about the launch party and other loose ends around noon.  I worked with Kevin to order food.  I called Nosh and asked them how long it would take for an order of six sandwiches.  They said they needed to know an hour in advance so we wrote down everyone's order and called them in.  Next, Jake told me to go to Kinkos and

Seven, Eight, and Nine

On Tuesday I finished up editing the Sherwood video.  This involved putting in transitions, and finding a good music track to go with it.  After a couple hours or so of perfecting the transitions and making the music track fit into the correct time, I was finished.  However, a few minutes later I was scrolling down the B-roll that was unnamed and found more B-roll for the project.  I had to go back in and find where to put in the B-roll.  This didn't take very much time.  I left early today because I had to get home to film my Genres project.

Days Four, Five, and Six

On Thursday, I read through a document containing information on the Eternal Legacy series.  The document was about 40 pages and gave me a good description about the universe that they created.  After I finished reading, Devon gave me the task of finding images for a "sizzle" trailer he would be working on in the near future.  He told me to use Wikimedia to avoid downloading copyrighted images and suggested I look at images of Dante's Inferno.  I searched for awhile, but completely forgot to use Wikimedia.  I ended up on Google image search and had to thro

First Few Days

I just ended my third day at Lyon Films.  I've been doing quite a diverse list of things.  It seems like there are so many projects going on that they all get mixed up.  I'm working with Kevin and Devon who jointly run Lyon Films and who are amidst a number of different projects.  My first day, I helped them create a video for Mercy Corps, who just won the Portland First Citizen Award.  The video will be shown at the banquet on May 18th.  I helped them find photos from an online database that Kevin could use as b-roll for the interview.  This took most of