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Recieving our Host Families!

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I'm so excited that we now know who we will be staying with in Gifu! I look forward to meeting my host family and hanging out with them!

K and V: An attemped design workshop

While we didn’t have the turnout that we expected for our design workshop, I still valued it. The preparation for our workshop was a lot of hard work that I feel trained me for the real world. We had to brainstorm what we wanted to do, using Ecotone’s plan as a guide. We then had to determine what tasks we had and who would do each. Devyn and I planned out the introduction, focus group time, mapping activity, and conclusion. If we would have had more of a turn out we would have been prepared. Also, if we decide to do another workshop we will be prepared.

Door Knocking with Ecotone!

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Door Knocking Reflection:

Preparing for the Japan Trip!

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To prepare for the trip to Japan I’ve been practicing my possible piano performance songs and trying to decide what I should play. I’ve also been thinking about fundraising and how I can contribute. I love baking so I’ll definitely be able to pitch in for the bake sales. I also was thinking that I could contribute to the plant sale. My dad and I start the plants for our garden from seed and we always have extra plants. We could sell these plants, along with any that Yoko can get, at Spring Festival in May. I’m excited for the week of Winterim ahead of us.

Social Status, Our Privilege

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 We started out this week trying to figure out what category Zenger farm fits into: urban, rural, or suburban? We talked about how the farm is really a mix of all of these different categories. It sits conveniently close to downtown Portland, making it more urban, but it’s also far enough away from the hustle and bustle of downtown to feel rural. An additional important issue to address is what category the people who use and need Zenger think it fits into. In this discussion of urban versus rural we talked about the issues that rural areas of America face in regard to planning.