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Recap of my experience

As I reflect over the past three weeks I have realized a lot of different things.  First of all, work can be fun.  Throughout the past three weeks I have made several friends, and have learned so much about computer programming.  I have spent free time with my co-workers bowling and shopping.  I have made inside jokes with my mentor and have spend countless hours juggling and doing puzzles.  Work isn't all fun and games, but a big chunk of it was for me.  Programming, the "work" part of the job was fun too.  I even had a competition with my men

Gotta get down on Friday

Friday was one of the slower days.  I could tell people were anxious for the weekend.  People were talking about their trips to Wyoming, and skiing in Montana.  I wish I could join them.  I overheard plans of poker and bowling so I decided to get in on some of it.  I asked Grant if he wanted to go bowling today and he agreed to go with me after work.  On Fridays during the summer the full-time employees get off work at 12pm and spend the rest of the day relaxing.  Both Grant and I got very little work done that day.  I worked on a bug in the id sear

On my own

 Yesterday I was paired up with Ned, a senior programmer and worked on a program to fix a defect with the MTM project.  The defect was that when people searched for products, the type of the inputs they would give wouldn't match up with the type of the request i.g.