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Last Day

Wow, the past 3 weeks just flew by! Today was my last day with Ingrida at adidas.  While I was a bit disapointed that today marked my departure, I still had a jam packed day to focus on. This morning I had a teleconference with virtualization, Sandy Luu my project advisor came to visit me, I had a meeting with the Training Team until lunch, and an exit interview with with Human Resources to look into future opportunities. I could not have asked for a better experience here or a better senior project for that matter.

Terms/Acronyms I've Learned

Here are some of the essential everyday terms used here at Adidas that I've picked up along the way...


Global Foundation Range (GFR)- a select amount of articles that adidas wants to push worldwide to promote company cohesion across the article range

Key Accounts- retailers interested in selling adidas products in their stores (Champs, Dick's, Sports Authority, Foot Locker)

Virtualization/3D Images

I just got done with a teleconference with the 3D Images and Basketball departments. The meeting was part of a much broader initiative to start implementing 3D virtual technology to showcase new products to key accounts (retailers interested in selling adidas products). Since virtualization commencemed in 2011, each department of adidas will join the scope in a 3 year span. The meeting today was scheduled to discuss Basketball and Footwear joining in the Spring/Summer 2013 season. This entire initiative is beneficial to adidas as a whole because it has reduced expenses drastically.

No one is here...

 Today is the Friday preceding memorial day weekend. My mentor told me she would not be in today, as she is heading to Vancouver B.C to take advantage of the long weekend. I was supposed to find more pictures and give them to one of the executives (Michelle) via thumbdrive, but the thumbdrive I left on her desk has dissapeared. Oh well? I guess my morning commute today was for nothing, but at least the sun is out. I also get some satisfaction asserting the fact that my work ethic is better than the employees themselves.


 If you read my last post, you know that I have been researching motivational/inspirational images and film clips on the net to help Adidas with their newest marketing storyline. Unfortunately, they can't tell me what the storyline is, but I am getting to be a part of the process nonetheless! The imagery is supposed to target male high school athletes (ideally showing progress and success following an intense struggle to advance in whatever sport/activity they partake in). Sitting at a desk and watching videos telling the audience to get up and put in work is definitely challenging.

The Presentation/Time for some SHOPPING

Last Friday I presented my findings to the Sports Performance Marketing team. One of the things that was interesting about this presentation was that it was a stark conrast to the kind of presentation  I would be doing at Catlin. At catlin, more often than not, presentations required us to analyze something, develop a thesis, and then provide tenable arguments for that thesis.

Day 6...the monotony finally ends

While it may appear as though I have not been blogging "enough", I can tell you it was for good reason. Today is Day 6, and since I last shared with you my daily activities, I  have done nothing new. For the past two work days, I have monotonously been tallying the responses  generated by over 500 Adidas Wear Test Samples. The responses are from TEENAGE GIRLS (ages 15-18) mind you, and they can get excessively wordy. They all seemed to think that their opinion mattered more than everyone elses.

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