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Mas Fotografia (Cinfuegos, Playa Giron, Trinidad, y Havana)

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Che School

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Days of Che

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Days 6 &7

Trinidad, Tourism y Socialism III

Days 5, & 6
We’ve had an incredibly packed schedule for this first half of our journey and are now enjoying a half day of rest at our hotel in Trinidad, thus giving me some headspace to write this update. We have traveled 5 hours from Havana to Trinidad, stopping along the way at Playa Giron (Bay of Pigs) a large lake housing a replica Taino community (the original indigenous population of the Carribean.) and Cinfuegos (a French colonial settlement about an hour and a half outside Trinidad.)

Trinidad, Tourism y Socialism part II

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Trinidad, Tourism y Socialism

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Day 4 y Havana

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We're all well today after our first of a series of visits to schools.  We began with a trip to a training facility for preservice teachers which includes a sort of lab-school for neighborhood children.  Afterward we went to the world's only Literacy museum.  It was all fun and games until we saw the blackboard taken from the Bay of Pigs that had been hacked apart with machetes!  Cuba leads the world in educating people in first world countries with their literacy model.

More to come.

Off to Trinidad tomorrow.


la fotografia

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y Havana

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Cuba Blog: Days 2&3
Forgive the delay in this posting. The hotel’s “cibercafe” is only open from 9-7 and we are often out between those precious hours. Add to this the fact that uploading photos takes about 15 minutes / image, and we’re simply on “el tiempo Cubano.”
Here’s a rundown of our first 36 hours:

In Cancun

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