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Sattya Day 1

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 After enjoying another traditional daalbat lunch on the roof of our hotel in Patan, we walked for about fifteen minutes to Sattya. At Sattya we met Galen, one of its co-founders, and we also were introduced to some of our pen pals. If we were to take Galen and bring him back to Portland, he would look exactly like all of the other hipsters we see in P-town despite the fact that he is from San Francisco, CA. Interestingly enough, the Nepali kids from Sattya also looked quite similar. We toured the building and received friendly welcomes from both students and dogs.

March 19-21

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 March 19th 

Home safe from the Himalayas!

 We're back, bedraggled and bonded.  More to come from the students.  Stay tuned!


Day 5 - Pashupatinah, Royal Palace, & Tamel

Today we woke up in Bhaktapur rested and ready for more touring. First we ate a delicious breakfast of omelets and yogurt, then headed out to do some final shopping near the guest house. Around 9 a.m. the tour guide picked us up in the bus and we headed to Pashupatinah, the largest Shiva temple in Nepal. When we arrived, we were barraged by a multitude of vendors selling everything from golden plates to coconut violins to ceremonial dyes, all which were apparently hand made, though we tended to doubt this.

Day 3 photos

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Day 3: Kathmandu

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 Tuesday, March 13:

We're in Kathmandu

We're here... I don't even know what time it is... but we're all on two legs. Coming from the Hyatt in Seoul, where efficiency, modern amenities, and breakfast buffets featuring eight courses for each breakfast item (eggs eight ways, toast eight ways, waffles eight ways, dim sum eight ways and so on....) are the norm... Kathmandu is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. We were processed through the Seoul airport in a grand total of about 10 minutes for the entire group...

In Seoul


We've made it... after an incredible day of travel - nearly 21 hours to be precise since meeting at PDX on Saturday morning. It is now Sunday evening. We are tired... the kids are loaded up with sugar (courtesy of Cody and Kenny!) and we're on our way to our fifth official meal of the day.

Up at 6 tomorrow and seven more hours to Kathmandu.



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I write this at the luxurious hour of 9 am (Havana-time)  It's 6 am in Portland and I've been up since 4, having gone to bed around 7 pm.  I spent the day yesterday soaking at the Kennedy pool in NE Portland and was alone there with my daughter for nearly half an hour when I heard a tap on the windows above me and looked up to see none other than my co-chaperone, Molly Grove who had similar ideas about visiting the Kenndey School for some post-trip R&R.

Final Noche y Havana!!

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