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Shanghai, China: August 11 and 12 (Gene)

Our last two days in China passed very quickly. On the first day, we first went to a shopping strip called the  Chenghuang Temple. The weather was hot, in the high 80s, and the humidity level was extreme. Thus the stone floors radiated the heat back into our faces as we staggered through the various shops that seemed to be selling all of the same things. Will and I ended up going to a Dairy Queen which was conveniently located inside the area.

Trip to West Lake and Wetland in Hang Zhou by Will

Today we woke up at 7:45 and ventured to the West Lake in HangZhou. We took a boat around the lake and took photos, sight saw, etc. After the fun boat ride, we walked a few blocks to a restaurant for lunch. The food in HangZhou is a little different than some of the other foods we've had. There is a lot more pork dishes and a bigger variety of soups. After finishing lunch, we got on our bus and took a 2 hour bus ride to (not sure). We made it just in time for dinner. Tomorrow, we will go back to Shanghai for our final two days in China.

Farewell Beijing and trips beyond Beijing by Chloe

Here’s what happened previously on “China Trip 2011!” (since the last blog post was almost a week ago) Last Thursday Lianne and I were unfortunately bed ridden with a stomach sickness, but the misfortune was worth the extra rest and awesome Chinese subtitled movies provided by the hotel. The rest of the group had class as usual, then headed to Wang Fu Jing street, a famous market, though I here everything was very overpriced.

Great Wall and Temple of Heaven (August 3, 2011 by Joseph)

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Today, we woke up early to go to the Great Wall. We were all somewhat upset about this until we realized how much hotter it was when we were leaving then when we got there. The wall turned out to be absolutely stunning. Had there not been so many people, I could have stayed up there for hours in complete repose.

Olympic Stadium (August 1st, 2011 by Lianne)

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Today we started off with Taichi, but we were all kind of late because we sort of slept in, and then took forever eating breakfast. Taichi was pretty awesome though. Chloe and I always spend the entire time just sparring with each other. Today the teacher said that I am really strong. Take that. I am also having a terrible time typing on this computer because it is tiny and I keep accidentally pressing the shift button. It also keeps randomly switching to Chinese… so bear with me.

Summer Palace in Beijing (July 31th, 2011, by Mady Bennink)

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This week we have been busy exploring ancient temples, trying new foods, and bargaining with locals in Beijing. The locals welcome us with open arms, and even ask for autographs. Today, July 31, we visited the Summer Palace. The Summer Palace is the second home of Empress Ci Xi of China, also known as the dragon lady. Ci Xi gained power by any means. She chose her nephew, Guang Xu to succeed the throne, but he was merely her puppet Guang Xu attempted to make reform, but a military official told Ci Xi.

Tian Jin Trip (July 30th, 2011 by Emma)

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Today we took the bus to Tianjin. Tianjin is another huge city in China about two hours drive from our hotel in Beijing. On our tour bus there is a microphone for the tour guide but Gong, one of our chaperones, really wanted us to use it for Karaoke. By the end of the ride he had only managed to get Chloe to sing the new Chinese song that she learned.

Dialogue between Catlin Gabel Students and Chinese Students ( July 28th, 2011, written by Gene)

Today I awoke to a terrible itchy sensation that seemed to be bent on consuming my entire body. My ear was still massively swollen from the mosquito that decided that my ear would be a nice pit stop for breakfast, while my arm and leg had transformed into a buffet line overnight. Although the rest of China has been as great and exciting as we had expected, the mosquitoes have been the downside of the trip. The weather called for 31 degrees Celsius with heavy rains or sun, according to the hotel weather board.

Yong He Lama Temple (July 27th, 2011, written by Chris Park)

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Today we had breakfast at the hotel. The options were limited, but still nothing to complain about. It included fried rice, noodles, several kinds of vegetables, and some pastries. After we quickly wolfed down our breakfast, we rushed to school where we would meet our new Taiqi teacher.

Second Day in Beijing (written by Chloe Bergstrand)

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Today I woke up to sunlight streaming through my window. Thinking it was time to get up, I casually looked at my watch and realized, No, it was not time to get up, it was 5 in morning. Later, when it was a decent hour, my roommate and I met the group down stairs, ready to head out for the day. Unlike yesterday, it was immediately sunny and hot, despite the early morning. We headed to a take-out breakfast restaurant, then walked to our school. After we ate, we went back outside to experience our first taiqi lesson.