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The Beginning and Lower School Library serves preschool through 5th grade students, teachers, and families.

 SEARCH the LIBRARY CATALOG (click here)  You can also get to the catalog from Quick Links on the CGS homepage! Choose Library Catalog and then click on Beginning & Lower School Library.


  • EXPLORE DESTINY QUEST (click here)  Then click Begin your DESTINY QUEST. On it you'll find:
    • TOP TEN: The list of the most recently checked out books from our library (You make it happen!)
    • RESOURCE LISTS: Lists created by us on various topics. (You can even search the list of lists.)
    • NEW ARRIVALS:  Showing the last 15 books we added to our collection (Watch it change every day!)

Note: You can also get to Destiny Quest directly from the library catalog search page.

If you want to use this feature, contact us to set up a password for you. It's easy! Once you are logged in, look for a tab at the top that says "My Info" and click it to see what your child has checked out.

As you explore the catalog you can make and save lists of books, for example ones you might want to read later. (Requires the same Login as explained above) Ask us for help to get you started. You can also view lists that others have made, if they have chosen to make them "public." (Dan and Lisa have made some and you can make a "public" list too.)

DID THESE INSTRUCTIONS WORK FOR YOU? How we can improve them? E-mail Lisa at

Our library collection is a community treasure. We love to buy new items that you recommend. Let us know what you want. You may also donate a book in honor of your birthday. We have a special donor bookplate for that. Come talk to us.

Lisa Ellenberg and Dan Woytek



Search the local public library websites for more great book lists and other resources: