Visual Arts PS

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Preschoolers use a variety of artistic mediums to explore and display their knowledge of the world. Ample opportunity is given to paint, draw, create three-dimensional constructions, and collage. The Honeybees work on journal page drawings which capture certain experiences (birthdays, the Circus, having a friend) or demonstrate their understanding of books we have read or discussions we have had as a class. As is developmentally appropriate, the focus on our artistic work is on the individual creative process. Over the course of the year we work on several projects that require prolonged thought and several sessions to create a finished product. These include: embroidering and sewing buttons, drawing a skeleton by looking at a small model, making a life-size circus performer using paint, collage, and hot glue, molding a gift out of clay, and making a model honeybee. We spend time mixing colors, making prints, using tree branches as a paintbrush, painting natural objects like sticks and stones and creating adornments such as masks, crowns, necklaces, and wands.