Language Arts PS

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 Preschoolers are encouraged to verbally express their thoughts and feelings in order to communicate effectively with those around them. Using language as a tool to express, share, and further one's thinking is one of our goals for the preschoolers. We model the value of words, both written and spoken, throughout the day. We tell stories (both real and pretend), read many, many books, and take delight in the taste, sound, and meanings of certain words and phrases. We encourage the children to familiarize themselves with the world of print by looking at books on their own and figuring out the story through the pictures. The children go to Library every week for story time and a chance to choose books for the classroom. We ask the children to express their thoughts pictorially and give us the language that goes with these pictures.The preschoolers often send dictated notes home; these might be love letters or messages about what is best to send for lunch, either way they model the importance of the written word. We are vigilant about monitoring small motor skills which are an integral part of the mechanics and art of writing. We are always careful to nourish the children's confidence in themselves as pre-literate thinkers and doers. Our biggest goal for the preschoolers is that they learn the value of words and language; as a group they are not yet developmentally ready to be taught the fine art of reading.