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What role do arts studios play at Catlin Gabel?

The studio is a space of unlimited creative potential – It is here, in this seemingly ordinary space, that students learn to pursue the boundaries of the creative imagination. These processes are creative, inquisitive, and pragmatic and also support learning in the liberal arts.

Equally important, the studio provides the young artists with a supportive atmosphere where one can join others in cooperative projects or explore an idea in contemplative solitude. They can explore and express their ideas in an atmosphere where risk taking is encouraged and mentored by teachers who are also professional artists. When students leave the various arts studios at Catlin Gabel, they take away these skills that encourage lifelong learning and discovery, regardless of the field they choose to pursue.

The studio is a place where the fundamental principles of diversity of all kinds intersect with the creative process, which helps students develop a better understanding of the larger world outside the studio walls. The art department strives to create a place where content and meaning help artists interpret and understand the world around them.