Focus on the Arts

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Active participation in the arts is essential to each student’s understanding and appreciation of humanity. The role of any arts teacher is to honor the integrity of each student’s work and to create an environment that facilitates creative risk taking, where the process is as important as the product. 

Beginning & Lower School Programs

Arts are infused into the daily experiences of our youngest community members. Students explore visual methods including woodworking, ceramics, glass, printmaking, and drawing and painting. Our music program exposes students to a wonderful variety of instruments and vocal arrangements from many cultures across the globe. 

Middle School Program

Continuing into the Middle School, arts remain at the heart of a student's daily experience. Each year, students rotate through several disciplines: instrumental music, theater, media arts, fine arts, and woodworking. Work from these rotations culminate in regular exhibitions and performances enjoyed by the entire school community.

Upper School Program

All students in the Upper School are required to take two years of a visual or performing art—many take three to four years. Some students sample courses from many disciplines, while others choose to specialize.

During the course of the year there are a variety of finely honed student art shows, film festivals, choir concerts, instrumental group performances, and theater productions that result from months of close work. Many students also organize impromptu events such as open mic performances, art installations, and independent video productions. All students are encouraged to be involved in the arts throughout their time at the school.