Jessica's Story

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Our many exceptional alumni serve Catlin Gabel in myriad ways: from sharing their experiences, to volunteering at Alumni Weekend, to enrolling their children, to mentoring our current students, to serving as board members and fundraisers. They ensure that our legacy of excellence continues in perpetuity.

We recently asked Jessica Ramirez ’10 to speak about her student experiences. She was a financial aid recipient, and although she has never met her benefactor, Phil Hawley ’43, she aspires to live up to his belief and investment in her:

When I think of my 12 years at Catlin Gabel, I never gave much thought to how much it cost to give me my seat in the classroom every day. I had no time to think about it; I had to read Sir Gawain and think of a thesis for an essay, and understand Euclid for the math quiz the next day, and then I had cross country practice after school. I didn’t have to worry about the money. Instead, I focused on the most important part of attending school, my classes. I am most thankful to the people who financed my education. Now I’ve left Catlin Gabel, and I think fondly upon the beautiful campus, sweet teachers, and strong friendships. But the school gave me even more than that. It gave me the opportunity to continue on to Macalester College and the critical skills to find what I want and then work for it. Catlin Gabel gave me a jump-start to whatever comes afterward, and the people who contribute to it financially made and continue to make a difference in what I’ve had the opportunity to do in my life.

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