All Kinds of Minds

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All Kinds of Minds is an organization that was founded in 1995 to translate the work of pediatricians, psychologists, researchers, and educators studying children's learning into practical teaching approaches. The result of over 35 years of close observation and research is a useful neurodevelopmental framework and several powerful tools for working with all kinds of minds. Almost all of our teachers have completed one of two All Kinds of Minds workshops and are putting its ideas into practice. The training elevates our teaching by strengthening our understanding of diverse learners and helps us to differentiate our instruction in a mindful way. In the end, we want our students to be able to recognize and evaluate their own learning strengths, so they can use them, and their weaknesses, so they can address them. Our goal is that students can eventually advocate for their individual learning needs. We strive to incorporate the exciting All Kinds of Minds research results into our own brand of progressive education. In December 2009 All Kinds of Minds named Catlin Gabel a School of Distinction.

An example from second grade