Advisory Program

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Community & Conversation- C&C

“An advisory period merely offers the possibility of ‘advice’ given and taken. What happens within that opportunity is the nub of it. Fuzzy but fundamental qualities of caring and honesty, attentiveness both to the immediate and to a young person’s future, empathy, patience, knowing when to draw the line, the expression of disappointment or anger or forgiveness when such is deserved- indeed, those [are the] qualities which characterize us as humans rather than programmed robots….” (Sizer, 1992, p.45)

The purpose of our Middle School advisory, which we call C&C, is to provide a space and time for students to build a relationship with at least one Middle School adult that will help guide them through the middle school years and advocate for them as needed. Advisory also increases students’ sense of community, satisfies students’ need to belong to a group during crucial development years, provides a forum to discuss important topics, improves communication between the school and home, and helps to prepare students for academic success by discussing study skills, organization, and time management as appropriate. Further, students and parents have one person to serve as a support and facilitator over the course of three years, allowing for a meaningful relationship to be established and flourish.
The C&C advisor at Catlin Gabel Middle School has two major roles. Each advisor is the personal advisor for a group of cross-graded students and is also the manager of the C&C advisory, an important social and emotional component of the school. The advisor is the point person for communication regarding the student between the school, parents, teachers, and sometimes other students. If the advisor relationship is good, it makes all other relationships in the school go more smoothly as the student feels known and supported. The C&C group is the smallest unit of intentional community at Catlin Gabel School.
C&C advisory meets three times during co-curricular time per seven day rotation and every morning at 9:20.