Tuition and Fees

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Tuition 2014-15

Beginning School (preschool)    $20,100
Beginning School (kindergarten) $21,800
Lower School (grades 1-5)    $23,580
Middle School (grades 6-8)    $26,090
Upper School (grades 9-12)    $26,990

Catlin Gabel believes socioeconomic diversity enriches the educational experience for all of its students and is committed to offering a robust need-based financial assistance program. Every Catlin Gabel family is expected to contribute to the cost of tuition, fees, and extracurricular expenses, and make philanthropic donations to the extent they are able.

Tuition Insurance

Catlin Gabel families have the option of participating in a Tuition Refund Plan with Dewar Insurance.  

Before-School & After-School Care

For information including hours and current rates, please visit the Before- and After-School Care page.

Books & Division-Specific Expenses

In order to help you plan for school expenses beyond tuition, we have developed the following list of approximated charges. Optional trips vary greatly in cost and are not calculated below since they do not apply to all students. Additional miscellaneous expenses may occur from time to time in each division.

Lower School

Experiential Days $40 - $260

Middle School

Books* $100 - $200
Breakaway $30 - $450

Upper School

Books* $450 - $750
Winterim $0 - $500
Laptop Computer » Info about the laptop program $1,600 - $2,400
Technology Fee (maintenance, licenses, software) $120 - $130

 *Book prices are based on new books. Occasionally, used books are available.
   Financial aid is available for Upper School books, Winterim, and laptops.

Lunch Charges

The range of charges per student over a ten-month period is listed below. (Some students bring lunch and some do not.) Cafeteria purchases may be charged to student accounts and billed monthly. Middle and Upper School students may pay with cash. » Info about dining services

Lower School $0 - $1,200
Middle School $0 - $1,500
Upper School $0 - $1,600

Interscholastic Athletics

Charges depend on the sport and equipment.

Basketball $0 - $170
Soccer/Volleyball $40 - $160
Golf $150
Tennis $50 - $75
Rock Climbing $150
Track/Cross Country $20 - $45
Snacks & Meals $10 - $100 per sport

Optional Programs

Robotics $100 - $700
Foreign & Domestic Trips Varies by destination
Outdoor Education Trips Varies by destination

2013-14 Bus Service

The school offers five bus routes each morning and afternoon. Buses arrive on campus by 7:45 a.m. and leave at 3:30 p.m. 2013-14 fees for the bus service range from $5.00 for a single ride to $850 for an annual pass. Financial aid recipients are eligible for reduced fees; please contact Chris Balag for details. Visit the bus information page for specific information about packages, routes and fees.