Diversity & Inclusivity

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Catlin Gabel's Commitment

Mission statement

Catlin Gabel supports inspired learning leading to responsible action through dedicated teaching, caring relationships, a challenging curriculum, and community service. We value each person’s effort, imagination, and positive contributions to the community. We celebrate being inclusive and the partnership between family and school.

Catlin Gabel believes including everyone’s perspective prepares each child to be an excellent global citizen and leader. We strive for staff, students, and members of our board of trustees to reflect the broad, diverse and interconnected world in which we live.

Joining our community

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More than one-quarter of the student body receives financial assistance through need-based grants and special scholarships. Grant and scholarship awards are not loans and do not have to be paid back. In 2013-14, we allocated more than $3.4 million in financial aid to families with annual household incomes primarily in the range of $15,650 to $170,000. Award grants ranged from $1,830 to $25,750 and averaged $16,235.

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Schoolwide initiative

The school is committed to diversity and inclusivity at all levels in the community.

The all-school diversity committee includes more than 30 community members including staff, parents, students, and trustees.

The school is conducting a 360-degree community assessment called the Assessment for Inclusivity and Multiculturalism (AIM) that is designed to inform strategic decisions and planning with respect to diversity and inclusivity. This is a tool of the National Association of Independent Schools. Learn more about AIM.

We actively work to include our diversity values in the classroom, on campus, and in the community. To that end, all faculty and staff participate in annual inclusivity training. Learn more about professional development and training.

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