Curriculum Map

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We are pleased to share our curriculum map, a view into learning and teaching at Catlin Gabel. Our curriculum addresses academics as well as students' social and intellectual development, character, and creativity. The map illustrates our approach and shows how subject matter builds from grade to grade.

Course Division
8th Grade Musical Middle School
8th Grade Play Middle School
Acc Precalculus Upper School
Acting Upper School
Advanced Biology Upper School
Advanced Chemistry Upper School
Advanced Computer Science Upper School
Advanced Instrument Study Upper School
Advanced Physics Upper School
Advanced Play Production Upper School
Advanced Topics in Computer Science Upper School
Alg 2 / Geom Yr 1 Upper School
Alg 2 / Geom Yr 2 Upper School
Algebra 1 Upper School
Algebra 1 Middle School
Algebra 1 A Middle School
American Culture in the 1960s Upper School
Anatomy & Physiology Upper School
Applied Theater Concepts Upper School
Art 1 Lower School
Art 2 Lower School
Art 3 Lower School
Art 4 Lower School
Art 5 Lower School
Arts 6 Middle School
Arts 7 Middle School
Arts 8 Middle School
Astronomy Upper School
Athletics Upper School
Athletics Middle School
Beginning Tennis Upper School
Calculus 1 Upper School
Calculus 2 Upper School
Ceramics Upper School
Chamber Choir Upper School
Chinese 6 Middle School
Chinese 7 Middle School
Chinese 8 Middle School
Chinese I Upper School
Chinese II Upper School
Chinese III Upper School
Chinese IV Upper School
Computer Science Research Upper School
Counselor K Beginning School
Counselor PS Beginning School
CPR/First Aid Upper School
Creative Writing Upper School
Decisions and Revisions Upper School
Descriptive Statistics Upper School
Directing Upper School
Drawing & Painting Upper School
Ecology Upper School
English 6 Middle School
English 7 Middle School
English 8 Middle School
Environmental Politics Upper School
Environmental Science Upper School
Experimental Chemistry Upper School
Film Studies Upper School
Financing the American Dream Upper School
Food Science Upper School
French 5 Lower School
French 6 Middle School
French 7 Middle School
French 8 Middle School
French I Upper School
French II Upper School
French III Upper School
French IV Upper School
French V Honors Upper School
Freshman English Upper School
From Romance to Novel Upper School
Genres Upper School
Geology Upper School
Globalization: Debates and Controversies Upper School
Grade 3 Mandarin Chinese
Grade 4
Graphic Design Upper School
Hanging Back with the Brutes Upper School
Health 1 Lower School
Health 10 Upper School
Health 2 Lower School
Health 3 Lower School
Health 4 Lower School
Health 5 Lower School
Health 6 Middle School
Health 7 Middle School
Health 8 Middle School
Health 9 Upper School
Health K Beginning School
History 6: Social Studies and the Ancient World
History 6: The Ancient World Middle School
History 7: World Cultures Middle School
History 8: Civics and Society Middle School
History of Modern China Upper School
Homeroom K Beginning School
Homeroom PS Beginning School
Honors Art Seminar Upper School
Honors Statistics Upper School
Human Crossroads Upper School
Indoor/Outdoor Games Upper School
Infernos Upper School
Instrumental Duets and Ensembles Upper School
Introduction to Calculus Upper School
Introduction to Computer Science Upper School
Japanese III Upper School
Japanese IV Upper School
Japanese V Upper School
Jazz Band Upper School
Junior English Upper School
K Storycraft Beginning School
Language Arts K Beginning School
Language Arts PS Beginning School
Library & Research Skills 11 Upper School
Library & Research Skills 12 Upper School
Library 1 Lower School
Library 2 Lower School
Library 3 Lower School
Library 4 Lower School
Library 5 Lower School
Library K Beginning School
Library PS Beginning School
Library Skills Middle School
Lifetime Fitness Upper School
Literary Nightmares Upper School
Mandarin Chinese 1 Lower School
Mandarin Chinese 2 Lower School
Mandarin Chinese 3 Lower School
Mandarin Chinese 4 Lower School
Mandarin Chinese 5 Lower School
Mathematics 1 Lower School
Mathematics 2 Lower School
Mathematics 3 Lower School
Mathematics 4 Lower School
Mathematics 5 Lower School
Mathematics 6 Middle School
Mathematics 7: Pre-Algebra Middle School
Mathematics K Beginning School
Mathematics PS Beginning School
Media Arts Upper School
Modern and Contemporary Drama Upper School
Modern Queer Literature Upper School
Modernity and Modernism Upper School
Music 1 Lower School
Music 2 Lower School
Music 3 Lower School
Music 4 Lower School
Music 5 Lower School
Music 6 Middle School
Music 7 Middle School
Music 8 Middle School
Music Composition Upper School
Music K Beginning School
Music of Western Civilization Upper School
Music PS Beginning School
Music Theory Upper School
Newspaper Upper School
Organic Chemistry Upper School
Ornithology Upper School
Outdoor Leadership & Adventure Upper School
P.E. 6 Middle School
P.E. 7 Middle School
P.E. 8 Middle School
Pathogens & Parasites Upper School
PE 1 Lower School
PE 2 Lower School
PE 3 Lower School
PE 4 Lower School
PE 5 Lower School
Physical Education K Beginning School
Physical Education PS Beginning School
Physics A: Mechanics Upper School
Physics B: Waves, Sound & Optics Upper School
Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism Upper School
Physics D: Modern Physics Upper School
Piano Study Upper School
Play Production Upper School
Post-Colonial Africa Upper School
Precalculus Upper School
Production Design Upper School
Reading 1 Lower School
Reading 2 Lower School
Reading 3 Lower School
Reading 4 Lower School
Reading 5 Lower School
Reading Activities K Beginning School
Reading and Writing Memoir Upper School
Reading Continuum Lower School
Reading Continuum Beginning School
Recurrent, irregular units of study, grades 2 and 3 Lower School
Revolution in the Middle East Upper School
Rock Climbing Upper School
Science 1 Lower School
Science 2 Lower School
Science 3 Lower School
Science 4 Lower School
Science 5 Lower School
Science 6 Middle School
Science 7 Middle School
Science 8 Middle School
Science I Upper School
Science II Upper School
Science K Beginning School
Science PS Beginning School
Science Research Upper School
Shakespeare and His World Upper School
Social Studies 1 Lower School
Social Studies 2 Lower School
Social Studies 3 Lower School
Social Studies 4 Lower School
Social Studies 5 Lower School
Social Studies K Beginning School
Sophomore English Upper School
Spanish 1 Lower School
Spanish 2 Lower School
Spanish 3 Lower School
Spanish 4 Lower School
Spanish 5 Lower School
Spanish 6 Middle School
Spanish 7 Middle School
Spanish 8 Middle School
Spanish I Upper School
Spanish II Upper School
Spanish III Upper School
Spanish IV Upper School
Spanish V Upper School
Spanish VI Upper School
Stagecraft Upper School
Technology 4 Lower School
Technology 5 Lower School
The Constitution in American Life and Society Upper School
The Essay Upper School
The Modern World: Creative Destruction and Destructive Creations Upper School
Transitional Justice Upper School
United States History Upper School
Urban Studies
Urban Studies: Shaping Portland through Planning and Leadership
Visual Arts K Beginning School
Visual Arts PS Beginning School
Woodshop 1 Lower School
Woodshop 2 Lower School
Woodshop 3 Lower School
Woodshop 4 Lower School
Woodshop 5 Lower School
Woodshop 6 Middle School
Woodshop 7 Middle School
Woodshop 8 Middle School
Woodshop K Beginning School
Woodshop PS Beginning School
Woodworking Upper School
Writing 1 Lower School
Writing 2 Lower School
Writing 3 Lower School
Writing 4 Lower School
Writing 5 Lower School
Writing Activities K Beginning School
Writing Continuum Beginning School
Writing Continuum Lower School
Yearbook Upper School