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Catlin Gabel shares with all progressive schools a basic commitment: to equip your child to be a motivated learner, an assertive questioner, and a confident contributor to society. But that's just a start.

We teach and practice an appreciation for place.

We care for our beautiful campus with its trees and trails, the city we serve, and our home planet. We value sustainability as a campus discipline and as a global imperative.

We teach and practice multicultural perspectives throughout the curriculum and in our administration.

We want our school to be a joyful learning place for people of diverse racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. There are some things you can only learn face to face.

We teach and practice cross-generational respect.

We lead without unnecessary hierarchy. Between teachers and students, and throughout the Catlin Gabel community, we maintain healthy roles and boundaries. Older students help their younger co-learners, and students serve on board committees and the board of trustees.

We teach and practice a carefully interwoven approach to curriculum.

We look for links wherever they can be found—between history and language, between environment and culture, between sustainability as economic theory and sustainability in campus maintenance. If a biological process is best understood throughout concepts usually associated with physics and mathematics, we make those links, too. Our students are prepared not just for formal scholarship, but for research and application in the real world.

One thing we avoid: confusing our priorities

We teach to the student, not to the test. Our horizon doesn't end with college admission; it's lifelong. We interpret our graduates' amazing record in state-topping SAT scores, college admissions, and lifetime accomplishments as a validation of our progressive philosophy: building a relationship with each child, encouraging the spirit of open inquiry, and honoring student motivation.