Campus Sculptures

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Catlin School founder Ruth Catlin wrote in her philosophy statement that the school should maintain "healthful, comfortable, cultural, simple and beautiful surroundings." To that end, the campus is dotted with art, both indoors and outdoors. The campus sculptures delight, surprise, and enrich the daily lives of our students, teachers, and community members.


“Deer” by Tom Hardy

Welded bronze

Lower School Front Garden

Gift in memory of Marian Butterworth Fruhman ’26 (1898-1947) by Hans Fruhman, 1975

“Bees” by Anne Storrs ’72

Cast bronze

Beehive (Beginning School building)

Commissioned by Dori Schnitzer ’71


“Untitled, 1981” by Lee Kelly

Welded corten steel

Vollum Humanities Center Courtyard

Gift in memory of Helen Elizabeth Wilson ’83 (1965–80) from the Wilson family and friends.

“Elkhorn” by Lee Kelly

Welded corten steel

West side of Toad Hall, near Schauff Circle

Gift in memory of Jason Kelly ’80 (1962-78) The artist’s son worked on a portion of the sculpture before his death at age 16.

“Pod 48” by David Cotter

Cast fiberglass, kinetic and lighted sculpture

Adjacent to the Cabell Center Theater.

Gift of the Arts Advocates and the Oregon Arts Commission, 1978. "Pod 48" was designed so its movement, lights, and action reflect the activity taking place in the theater.

“Turtles” by Al Goldsby

Welded bronze

Vollum Humanities Center North Courtyard

Gift in memory of Thomas Elliot Morgan ’71 by Rosina and Howard Morgan, 1968

“Two Boys Running” by Thomas Hardy.


Poet’s Corner, Dant House Circle

Gift of Jean Vollum. The Poet’s Corners is dedicated to Jean Vollum for initiating and supporting the Distinguished Writers Series.

Untitled, 1974” by Lynne Oulman ’64

Cast aluminum

Vollum Humanities Center Courtyard

Gift in memory of Susan Slayton Seeds ’64

“A Donkey, Three Rocks, and a Bird” by Brad Rude

Cast bronze

Between the Lower School Art Barn and Science Lab

Commissioned by Dori Schnitzer ’71 and Susan Schnitzer ’74, 1992