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Catlin Gabel is a 60-acre oasis of green in an increasingly urbanized area. The campus is situated on property that was previously Honey Hollow Farm. Open spaces include a paddock, fields, and woodlands. Our world-class athletic fields and Northwest-style buildings are designed to enhance teaching and learning.

The campus sets the stage for learning. The serene, pastoral atmosphere adds to the curriculum and the school's identity. Special places, such as the peaceful Fir Grove and the inviting open space of the Paddock, create transition zones for teachers and students alike. Sculptures by Northwest artists are carefully placed throughout the campus. These areas create natural boundaries and express the school's high regard for natural beauty and art.

The campus is a safe and inspiring place for children to learn. The buildings are arranged in clusters around the community center known as the Barn and the paddock (photo). Formerly an integral part of the Honey Hollow Farm, the Barn is now used as a cafeteria and for special events. Each division of the school has its own buildings, yet students travel across the campus to attend class at the gymnasium, woodshop, and art studios, giving them a change of scenery and a sense of independence. The Cabell Center for the Performing Arts, a 600-seat professional theater, is used by all students for assemblies and theater productions.

While some of Catlin Gabel's buildings are part of the original farm, many are contemporary structures that blend in with the environment. The school works to continually renovate and build new structures, such as the state-of-the-art Math-Science Center, to meet the growing needs of students and to keep pace with technology.

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