Board Committees

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Trustee Committee

The trustees committee is responsible for the education and development of trustees to help them fulfill their duties.  The committee recommends and nominates individuals for election to the board of trustees and the slate of officers. The committee may propose changes to the school's bylaws for adoption by the board. The committee is responsible for board evaluations.

Campaign Committee

The campaign committee oversees fundraising activities for the Campaign for Arts and Minds. The campaign has two components: building our endowment, with special emphasis on financial aid, and building a new Creative Arts Center for the Middle and Upper Schools.

Executive Committee

The executive committee is composed of the board’s officers and can act for the board when it is not possible for the entire group to convene. The committee meets regularly to prepare the agenda for board discussions. The committee is responsible for evaluating the head of school and reviewing the school's long-range planning

Finance Committee

The finance committee provides oversight for financial planning, the yearly budgeting, managing maintenance reserves, and any proposed changes to financial standards and practices of the school.

Endowment Committee

The endowment committee is responsible for overseeing and managing the school's endowment assets in accordance with the Endowment Investment Policy of Catlin Gabel School. Committee members, elected by the board of trustees, oversee investment policies and the performance of investment managers. The chair of the endowment committee serves as an ex officio member of the board of trustees and provides regular reports on the status of the endowment to the board.

Audit Committee

The audit committee is primarily responsible for overseeing the school's external auditors and interacting with them during our annual engagement. The committee reviews with the external auditors the financial statements, the financial reporting process, the system of internal controls, the audit process, and the school's monitoring of compliance with laws and regulations. From time to time other responsibilities may be assigned to the committee by the board.

All committee meetings except those of the committee on trustees and executive committee are open to the school community, as are most meetings of the board.

For a list of committees and members, see below.